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  • Ideas for Decreasing Heat Stress in Horses

    July 15, 2015
    As summer drags on, heat can become a serious problem for many horses. The primary way horses cool themselves is through sweating.
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  • How to Use Complete Feeds to Stretch Your Hay Supply

    January 1, 2015
    Fiery blazes, drought, and poor growing conditions have made hay difficult to find and expensive to buy in many locations throughout the nation. These conditions have left horse owners with the difficult task of finding an affordable source of quality hay for their horses.
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  • How Nutrition Affects Hoof Growth

    September 1, 2014
    Hoof quality is affected by several factors including genetics, environment and nutrition. Some horses inherit weak hooves and that can’t be changed, but proper care and nutrition can help develop and maintain the best hooves genetically possible.
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  • How to Adjust Horses to the Changing Seasons

    September 1, 2014
    Changing seasons can bring about potential problems for horses and their owners. Pasture quality changes with every season, but the changes from summer to fall are especially significant. During the fall, there are often warm sunny days and cool nights.
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  • How to Prevent and Minimize Problems When Introducing Horses to Spring Pastures

    April 1, 2014
    For some horses, the advent of spring means that the source of forage changes from hay to fresh grass. If this is the case, the horse owner should take care to minimize the risk of laminitis as horses are exposed to fresh pastures. Why can fresh grass cause laminitis in horses?
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  • The Importance of Feed over Forage in Horse Diets

    January 1, 2014
    Horses evolved over millions of years as grazers, roaming around selecting the best forages they could find. While they did eat seeds growing on those plants, they did not take in large quantities of seeds or grain at a single meal. So, why do we feed horses grain at all?
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  • Detecting Heat Stroke In horses

    June 1, 2013
    If you detect the symptoms of heat stroke in your horse, you should call your veterinarian immediately.
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  • Plants that are Poisonous to Horses

    April 1, 2013
    There are literally hundreds of plants that are either outright, or potentially, toxic to horses. There are several factors that contribute to toxicity. First, the plant must contain a substance that is toxic to that particular species of animal (susceptibility).
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  • Western Wear for Your Horse Show

    October 1, 2012
    Choosing the right outfit for your horseshow can be a difficult choice leading to plenty of anxiety and indecision. This is especially true for western disciplines with timeless and established fashion traditions.
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  • How to Preserve Nutrients in Hay

    August 1, 2012
    Proper storage of hay between harvest and feeding is critical for preserving nutrients and assuring that you'll have high quality hay to feed your cattle during the winter months they need it most.
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