Wrapping A Horse Hoof Injury

Often times athletes get injured and need to get their ankles wrapped. Horses are much the same way. If their hoof comes up a little hobbled, you may need to act quickly and get it wrapped. Here are some tips from Christine Barakat of Equisearch.com to get that hoof back to health in no time:

Clean and Treat

Before you start wrapping, make sure you clean the wound and stick gauze, with or without medication, over the wound.

When wrapping, do as skaters do.

A motion frequently used by skaters is the figure eight. This will be the same motion that you should wrap the hoof with. Start wrapping self-adhesive veterinarian tape over the gauze you just attached to the hoof. Hold the beginning of the tape down with your finger. Leave a little hole near the toe for moisture to escape.

Clue: It can fix anything
When you’re all done wrapping the horse’s heel with the vet tape, secure the finished job with duct tape. Everybody knows that duct tape can fix anything and this is no exception. Putting the duct tape on just the load-bearing part of the hoof will help secure it.

Source: Equisearch.com