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  • Autumn Cow Calf Management Tips

    September 1, 2012
    Here are some general cow-calf management reminders for the fall season. This information has been adapted from the “Beef Cow Herd Calendar”1 developed by the Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service.
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  • How to Preserve Nutrients in Hay

    August 1, 2012
    Proper storage of hay between harvest and feeding is critical for preserving nutrients and assuring that you'll have high quality hay to feed your cattle during the winter months they need it most.
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  • How to Keep your Rabbit Healthy and Happy During the Summer

    July 1, 2012
    Although we humans typically look forward to the summer months, rabbits don’t tolerate heat well. They thrive in temperatures between 60º and 70º. So observe your rabbit daily to gauge how he’s coping with the summer heat.
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