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  • Hoof Moisturizer

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    Rain Maker™ Triple Action Hoof Moisturizer

    Special natural ingredients are combined to give Rain Maker™ hoof moisturizer its unique "Triple Action" - attraction of moisture to the hoof, absorption of moisture and retention of the moisture once it has been absorbed
    Advanced-formula hoof dressing that leaves hooves stronger and more pliable
    Penetrates deep to improve texture and elasticity
    Enhances color and sheen

  • Absorbine® Hooflex® Thrush Remedy

    Manufacturer: W.F. Young

    Hooflex® Thrush Remedy is a highly effective treatment that kills and prevents bacteria and fungi that cause Thrush and White Line Disease.

  • Bear Mountain Cedar Shavings

    Manufacturer: Bear Mountain Forest Products

    Bedding for your pets in kennel and for your horses. Good bedding creates a layer of insulation between the horse and a cold floor, pads the hard surface, prevents bruised knees, elbows, hocks, and hips, and keeps the horse cleaner. Cedar shavings are soft, fluffy and makes a good bedding. They absorb moisture & the aroma is a good insect deterrent.

  • Hooflex® Therapeutic Conditioner Ointment

    Manufacturer: W.F. Young

    Hooflex® Therapeutic Conditioner Ointment is a unique formula that helps maintain the pliability of the entire hoof by providing conditioners necessary for long-lasting moisture balance.