Zareba Ceramic Lag Screw Insulator, Small (Small)


Use to attach electrified wire to post without losing energy through the post
Designed for use with wood posts
Can be used with all fence wire, including high tensile, polyrope and poly ape

Prevent electrical shorts with the help of this Zareba® Small Ceramic Lag Screw Insulator. This lag screw insulator is made from durable ceramic and is designed to prevent electricity from flowing out of the fence into the post, ensuring that your electric fence operates at full capacity. Designed with durability and strength in mind, this lag screw insulator works with high tensile fence systems.

Attach your fence wire to wooden posts with this small ceramic insulator. While wood itself is nonconductive, water does conduct electricity, and if your fence posts become damp or wet, energy from the fence may be transmitted into or through the post. Insulators help to prevent the loss of energy in this fashion.

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